It is our responsibility as economists to deliver solid analysis that is honest, dispassionate, and data-driven – most importantly, being willing to say what needs to be said, even in the face of negative fallout or political pressures.

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Economist and Leading Advisor on the Caribbean,
known for thorough analysis and data-based assessments and insights
Marla Dukharan is a renowned economist and advisor with a deep commitment to making a profound impact in the Caribbean. With her unwavering dedication, she strives to address the economic and social challenges faced by the region. Marla’s expertise and insightful analysis on the regional implications of global events have earned her widespread recognition. She actively drives discussions, contributes to shaping public policy, and inspires leaders to take actions that build economic resilience and pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for the Caribbean.
Recognizing the need for change, Marla initiated a series of change-inspiring webinars on key regional topics, aiming to support solutions to the Caribbean’s economic and social challenges. Her monthly Caribbean Economic Report has become a critical resource for monitoring the region’s economic landscape. Through these initiatives, Marla empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and overcome the unique challenges faced by the Caribbean.
Marla’s passion lies in addressing the paradox of sluggish economic growth in a region brimming with boundless potential. She fearlessly tackles topics that directly impede growth, including the region’s burdensome debt, financial exclusion, gender and income inequality, and susceptibility to climate change and natural disasters. Through her relentless efforts, Marla seeks to empower the region to overcome these challenges and unlock its true potential for sustained prosperity.

Marla’s expertise has made her a highly sought-after speaker at prominent industry, multilateral, and academic conferences on a global scale. Her insights into the region provide a clear vision for multinationals and investors seeking to navigate the Caribbean landscape. Additionally, Marla serves as a trusted advisor to private-sector Boards of Directors across the Caribbean, offering invaluable guidance and strategic counsel.

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Justice for small states

Actively challenging and working to overturn the European Union’s (EU) Blacklisting policies as clear instances of institutional racism and bullying, imposing irreparable economic impact.

In an economy where we all have equal opportunity to participate and succeed,
we are empowered to enhance the lives of
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The long-term sustainability of our
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