Evaluates the facts behind borrowing from the IMF, the major risks to T&T’s debt sustainability and external accounts based on updates presented by the Minister of Finance on June 9, 2021 as part of the mid-year supplementary budget for Fiscal Year 2020/2021.
“History, Analysis and Socio-Economic Implications of the EU’s Blacklisting of Vanuatu” takes an in-depth look at the EU’s tax and AML/CFT Blacklisting policy, how it is is being unilaterally and disproportionately applied to this former European colony, why the EU’s actions are counterproductive, brutal and discriminatory in nature, and the socio-economic damage the EU is […]
“There are two ways one can help a man – up or down” – Caribbean proverb. Which way is the European Union (EU) choosing with respect to its unilateral application of its own tax and anti–money laundering policies, on acutely vulnerable, former European colonies? This report analyses the EU’s Blacklisting of Vanuatu and explores the […]
This report takes a look at why T&T could be heading to default and a balance of payments crisis by end-2022. With a wide and growing fiscal deficit, higher debt, grossly overvalued TTD and other harmful FX policies…
Read our most recent scenarios given the severe interruptions to tourism from COVID-19 and the lower oil price environment for the Caribbean’s commodity dependent countries. This report reviews: Caribbean implications of COVID-19, fiscal outlooks and risks, remittance, travel and tourism outlook, outlooks for commodity-dependent countries, policy/response recommendations and risks to monitor.
The persistently weak economy in Trinidad and Tobago is a product of fiscal and broader macroeconomic mismanagement under successive governments. Marla takes a look at how a fiscal responsibility framework can help put the country’s economy on a sustainable path.


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