Moody’s released its Annual Credit Analysis on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) on June 28, 2019, followed by a FAQ on growth prospects, fiscal consolidation, and external risks on July 15, 2019. Moody’s has maintained its Ba1 (speculative/junk) rating on T&T with a stable outlook. On July 9, 2019, S&P Ratings downgraded T&T’s […]
The European Union (EU) published its first blacklist of 17 countries in December 2017, and updated it in March 2019 to reflect 15 countries, including the OECD’s “Largely Compliant” territories of Aruba, Barbados, Belize and Bermuda. This report takes a deeper look at some of the potential causal factors.
Contrary to what the Government would like us to believe, the T&T economy is in anything but a recovery and has NOT turned around. This report takes a look at some common measures of socio-economic performance to see.
Marla reviews and analyzes recent development in the ECCU countries, offering insights into what is impacting growth, fiscal accounts, tourism, and projections for economic activity.

Petrotrin Brief

  • October 17, 2018
Marla reviews the most recent developments related to the announced closure of Petrotrin. This brief is a summary of information, data and statements related to the reduction in workforce, company financials, debt, capital investment and the outlined restructuring.
Marla reviews the most immediate challenges facing Barbados following the 2018 General Election. This Q&A reviews the impacts of fiscal overspending, why growth is low, what is next for Barbados and what solutions are available.
On May 10, 2018 at the Mid-Year Fiscal Budget Review, the Minister of Finance made a surprising announcement that the economy of T&T had “turned around”. One month before, the IMF revised its 2018 growth forecast down from 1.8% to just 0.2%. Days before, Standard and Poor’s changed the outlook on its sovereign rating to […]
The quarterly economic update provided by the Governor of the Central Bank contained many important data revisions and insights – some of which may not have been obvious. To start with, as we expected, the 2017 growth rate was revised – from 1.0% reported in January 2018 to 0.6% affirmed in May 2018. Growth has therefore […]
Barbados’ international reserves fell at the end of 2017 to the lowest level since January 1996. Meanwhile, the Central Bank has been financing the government through printing and the use of commercial bank excess reserves, with the monetary base doubling since the beginning of 2014. Economic growth for 2017 was estimated by the Central Bank […]
Marla reviews top highlights from the 2017/2018 budget statement for Trinidad and Tobago, takes a deeper look at the budget (expenditures, revenue and deficit), evaluates what generates growth in T&T and discusses how to stimulate exports and investment.


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