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Tax Blacklists and Propaganda: Defeating the Discrimination and Pro-Poverty Agenda

February 28, 2023
Watch our live discussion with Alex Cobham, Economist and Chief Executive of the Tax Justice Network, and Professor Steven Dean, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, to find out the truth about the world’s biggest financial secrecy jurisdictions, the racial bias behind the tax blacklisting of former European colonies and developing states, and the […]

HIGHLIGHTS: Caribbean’s first business conference held in the Metaverse

December 7, 2022
Highlights from the Caribbean’s first conference held in the Metaverse. Take a peek into what our live event looked like. Our forward-thinking audience received strategic insights from top speakers to design the strategies that will lead their company’s next evolution, featuring: – Outlook for the global and Caribbean economies in 2023 – Key strategy insights […]

Big Tings A Gwaan – Jamaica’s EPOC Examined

September 6, 2022
The best laid plans mean nothing without implementation. Marla discusses with Keith Duncan, how Jamaica’s Economic Programme Oversight Committee – an independent and inclusive institution – uses transparency and accountability to drive implementation.

Investment and Diversification: How Cayman Enterprise City Drives Sustainable Progress

July 7, 2022
With an economic impact of USD662 million over the last decade, Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is a private sector led project that is creating economic diversification and building the industries and skills of the future in Cayman. CEO at CEC Charlie Kirkconnell and Marla discuss the project and how it impacts the socio-economic landscape far […]

Building A Better Bermuda: Critical Reforms for Sustained Progress

June 30, 2022
Having one of the highest GDP per capita in the hemisphere does not make Bermuda immune to external impacts such as the pandemic and global inflationary pressures. Bermuda’s aging population and rising debt in recent years both underscore the need for reforms. Premier David Burt discusses the government’s plans to address these challenges and how […]

2022 06 28 Caribbean American Heritage Month

June 29, 2022
In celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month, the SEC’s Caribbean American Heritage Committee and the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion hosted a talk with Marla Dukharan, an economist and expert advisor on the Caribbean.

One on One – Marla Dukharan

May 23, 2022
One on One features Caribbean Economist and Advisor, Marla Dukharan. Ms Dukharan discusses the economy and the effect of being blacklisted by the EU.

How We Vote Is Not How We Party

March 11, 2022
In Trinidad & Tobago, ethnicity has been found to be the main factor associated with voters’ choice. Marla interviews the authors of recent research on the topic, Luisa Godinez-Puig and Inder Ruprah, to find out exactly how this impacts society and our overall economic wellbeing. Access the full research: Ethnic Cleavages and Vote Choice in […]

The Bahamas Reform Agenda: Towards Economic Recovery

February 19, 2022
The Government of The Bahamas has reached an unsustainable level of debt following the two major shocks of Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19. The government’s strategy to balance the recurrent budget by 2025, take debt-to-GDP down to around 50% by 2030/2031 and drive private sector led growth and job creation is outlined by Minister of Economic […]

Global Minimum Tax Rate: Another Reason to Blacklist

September 14, 2021
The Global Minimum Multinational Corporate Tax rate as proposed by the USA and the OECD, can have serious implications for small and already disadvantaged countries, in ways that most don’t consider. It is all about competition. But do small countries really have a level playing field on which to compete? Perhaps this tax could be […]


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