HIGHLIGHTS: Caribbean’s first business conference held in the Metaverse

Highlights from the Caribbean’s first conference held in the Metaverse. Take a peek into what our live event looked like. Our forward-thinking audience received strategic insights from top speakers to design the strategies that will lead their company’s next evolution, featuring:

– Outlook for the global and Caribbean economies in 2023
– Key strategy insights from research on the Caribbean
– How early adopters are using the Metaverse
– How to tie the Metaverse back to long-term growth plans


2024 Caribbean Economic Outlook | Marla Dukharan

Marla unveils the challenges and opportunities that are shaping the Caribbean's future. (recorded Jan. 15, 2024) Get ready to explore the following key aspects: 1. Social Challenges 2. Crime and Homicide Rates 3. Deteriorating Healthcare Systems 4. The UN Tax...

Into The Unknown – The Hidden Truth About Poverty In The Caribbean

Marla Dukharan sits down with Lilia Burunciuc, the World Bank Country Director for Caribbean Countries, to shed light on a problem that has been shrouded in silence for far too long: poverty in the Caribbean. For political reasons, many countries in the region have...

Caribbean Energy REvolution

Where do we stand as a region on the road to net-zero? What progress has been made, and what obstacles prevent faster and more widespread adoption of renewable energy in the Caribbean? Marla brings updates and answers from experts in this space. Watch our live...

New Mitchell, New Mandate: Grenada’s Transformation Journey

Prime Minister Hon Dickon Mitchell of Grenada discusses with Marla Dukharan the current challenges facing Grenada and his policy agenda to create a strategic path forward for the country. Find out how the government plans to move forward with digitization, prioritize...

Big Tings A Gwaan – Jamaica’s EPOC Examined

The best laid plans mean nothing without implementation. Marla discusses with Keith Duncan, how Jamaica’s Economic Programme Oversight Committee - an independent and inclusive institution - uses transparency and accountability to drive implementation.