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From Blackbirding to Blacklisting: The European Union’s Ongoing Subjugation of Vanuatu

August 6, 2021
“There are two ways one can help a man – up or down” – Caribbean proverb. Which way is the European Union (EU) choosing, having unilaterally, disproportionately, and selectively applied its own tax and anti–money laundering policies, on acutely vulnerable former European colonies? In this video, the EU’s discriminatory Blacklisting of Vanuatu is exposed.

Institutions Are Everything: The Caribbean’s Institutional crisis, and the way forward

May 10, 2021
Strong institutions are the backbone of a resilient economy. Find out where Caribbean institutions lag, which of our institutions excel, and how we can use our institutions to improve socioeconomic outcomes for the region, as Marla examines the results of the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) latest research featuring Moisés Schwartz, Manager of the Institutions for […]

The Pandemic’s Penalty: How Women Pay a Higher Price (Again!)

March 8, 2021
Women have disproportionately suffered the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The IDB’s recent report shows that many of the impacts will leave long-term effects on women, their wellbeing, and livelihoods. Authors of the study, economists Laura Giles Álvarez and Jeetendra Khadan, discuss their findings with Marla, and the policy choices that will support better […]

Interview: Impacts of COVID-19 on the economies of the Caribbean

November 9, 2020
Marla Dukharan gives a synopsis of the impacts of COVID-19 on the economies of the Caribbean. She discusses the effect on tourism and the adaptability of the sector, the impact of economic stimulus on the region, and the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of lockdowns on Caribbean countries. Courtesy of The Edge 105FM in Jamaica https://edge105.com/

Pandemic Saga Continues: IDB’s Caribbean Scenarios

August 12, 2020
Marla examines how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the broader Caribbean economy and long-term development issues of the region as she welcomes Henry Mooney, IDB’s Research Economic Advisor and David Rosenblatt, IDB’s Regional Economic Advisor. Their discussion centers on IDB’s most recent Caribbean quarterly economic bulletin giving us a detailed look at tourism and […]

Suriname’s Great Reset? Q&A with Fitch Ratings

July 28, 2020
Find out the policy priorities that would help Suriname’s economy recover stability. Following 3 ratings actions in July on Suriname, Marla interviews Fitch Director, America’s Sovereign Ratings Kelli Bissett-Tom to get her views on the key areas that need to be addressed in order to strengthen investor confidence and place the economy on a more […]

St. Lucia in a Post-COVID World: Interview with PM Allen Chastanet

July 16, 2020
Marla Dukharan speaks with St Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet about the current and future plans for St Lucia as it moves forward during COVID-19. PM Chastanet outlines his progressive actions aimed at dealing with the pandemic in real time while simultaneously moving the economy and people of St. Lucia in a positive direction towards […]

COVID Impacts on Caribbean Credit Ratings: Where Have All the Tourists Gone?

July 6, 2020
Moody’s recently published GDP growth scenarios for Caribbean-rated sovereigns citing a lack of economic diversification and fiscal space as key vulnerabilities to a sustained drop in tourism. Marla interviews Moody’s VP and Senior Analyst David Rogovic to get deeper insights into what this means for the Caribbean. Moody’s assessment is available at https://bit.ly/moodys-tourism-2020


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